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Richmond Berks Ltd is

An international company that traces its history back to 2008. Two young businessmen John Richmond and Klint Berks met at an auction, fighting over one and the same lot. One year later together with two other brokers they founded a company that specialized in purchase of real estate at auctions and its further resale at the secondary market.

In 2016 due to the conflict of interests, Richmond and Berks sold their company shares and founded a new corporation – Richmond Berks. In order to increase its floating capital, the company implemented cooperation strategy. Thus, anyone interested could take a share in auction biddings and gain profit from further real estate sales.

Implementing a new strategy marked a turning point in company’s development and has sharply increased floating capital and opportunities. New partners joined the company. It opened new prospects, as well as an access to larger transactions.

Company’s clients will always tell you that investing in real estate is reliable, consistent and profitable. That is exactly why Richmond Berks continues to grow and expand. And we are not going to stop here, as it is hardly the limit of our possibilities!

Some of our employees

Goulden Taylor

Asia Development Coordinator

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Albert Schmidt

CFO Richmond Berks

Eric Keller

Major Financial Director of the
company division in Germany

Arno Emilien

Leading sales department
manager in France

Black Clarice

Expert for working
with US clients

Justin Phelps

SMM UK manager

Josh Mendez

Broker auctions in the USA

Bernadette Wojcik

Head of the Analytical
group in Poland

Emil Engstrom

Expert in working with industrial
real estate in Switzerland

Darius Ituk

Associate of the Department Attracting
Clients in the Czech Republic

Tamara Krzysztof

The head of the department for the
commercial use of real estate in Poland

Julie Hanks

A member of the US Department
of transnational communication

Alice Brossard

Expert for residential
property in France

Claudia Geffert

Tax Consultant
in Germany

Roberta Schwartz

Head of Communication
in Germany

Jim Will

Developer RichShare
system in the US

Ricardo Brown

Technical Support employee of
site in Switzerland

Our goals

To set new quality standards and make a scheme of buying and selling real estate as transparent as possible.

To protect the client from financial loss while entering in transactions at real estate market.

To follow the company development plan at real estate auction market, increasing profit and floating capital.

It is less complicated and more profitable with us

You will have to prepare all the documents for participating in auction and buying real estate yourself

You will have to make your own decisions, which do not always turn out to be the right ones

Your investments are always at risk

Absence of professional employees will show in financial losses

Doing business yourself can be very costly

Takes up a great amount of time

Our specialists prepare all the documents

Decisions will be made by true professionals

You are insured and will always get your money back

Our staff includes more than 2.5 thousand of qualified specialists

Start getting profit from 10 USD

The first profit already in 24 hours

We provide guarantees

Each client of our company gets an insurance, which guarantees that he does not take any financial risks and
will always get his money back.

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