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in auction real estate

And get daily lifelong profit

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How does it work?


The system converts Bitcoin received from a client, transforming them into in-site currency Richmond Berks Dollar


The collection of investors’ money for real estate purchase is conducted by means of RichShare technology


Having chosen an investment object at auction, we buy it


We resell purchased real estate at a higher price and allocate the profit

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Innovations to help

BlockChain technology

BlockChain technology provides security and stability of all conducted transactions which gives you 100% guarantee of money preservation.

RichShare technology

RichShare technology patented by the company allows us to multiply clients’ investments and pay out profits throughout life.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence introduced to the system of real estate markets maximizes profits and minimizes risks.

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How much can you earn?

Investment amount in BTC:

0.00080 BTC 8.03700 BTC

Current exchange rate of 1 BTC to RBD:

1,244.25 RBD

Daily profit:

Monthly profit:

The profit from your investments accrues every day and is not time-barred.
You will get a lifelong income.

Investing is safe

Thanks to BlockChain, RichShare technologies and AI, financial risks are minimized. Besides, each client gets additional insurance that guarantees the preservation of their investments.

Risk-free earnings

Keep track of your finances
from your mobile phone

Using a mobile app Richmond Berks, you’ll be aware of the latest news and be able to keep track of your finances wherever you are.