Our answers to your questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers to them

Start earning money
What does your company do?

Richmond Berks company takes part in international real estate auctions. It attracts clients and their investments for further work with these funds at real estate market, increases the funds, with the following dividend payout to its clients.

What guarantees can a client get?

Each client receives a personal insurance which covers his/her risks. Even when a transaction carried out by the company brings no profit, the client will still get the interest and funds, according to his personal contract.

How can I invest?

It is all very simple! You should log in your account and buy RBD .Then you will get daily profit, which depends on the level of company’s capitalization.

What is RBD?

RBD - Richmond Berks Dollar - is a universal inner currency that serves to simplify the work with money supply and its conversion into international currencies.. 1 RBD = 1 USD

Can I get back my deposit?

Yes, you can. You have the right to get back your deposit anytime. However, you will have to pay a fine which would be 50% of your deposit.

What is BlockChain?

BlockChain technology is a database of all transactions that have ever been made within RBD system. This technology allows storing transaction data on several servers at once, thus no technical breakdowns will be able to influence financial operations, which makes the latter a hundred percent safe.

How to send your friend a "red mail"
with 1 USD?

Send a gift "red mail" to your friend you can in the "Affiliate Program" by clicking "Send the "red mail."

What do I get if I send "red mail"
to a friend ?

If your friend will go directly to the site, and then you, and he will receive 1 USD.

Push-Notifications. Instructions.

Push-Notifications - a better way for alert. You will be the first who find out about important news of the company.

You just need to give permission for a Push-notifications on your browser.

If you mistakenly or accidentally abandoned the service when prompted and do not receive Push-Notifications, you can solve this problem in just a few steps.


To give access to Push-Notifications via browser "Safari" you need to right-click on the item "Safari" on the menu, then go to the menu item "Settings", then open the section "Alerts" in this section, in front of our website change from "the Deny "to" Allow ". Done!

What does the company have to gain?

Our company gets profit from working with clients. In fact, employing so much professional personnel and the whole working process require large investments. That is why the company gets no less than 30% profit from every transaction.

Why should I work with your company?

Working with our company gives you multiple advantages compared to doing this kind of work yourself. You can read more about this in the section “About us”.

How can I buy RBD?

In your personal account you have a link you can use. Simply click on the "Buy RBD" links and you would be able to buy as many RBD as you want, and to pay for them using any system offered to you.

How much will I get?

The interest rate of your investments depends directly on capitalization level of our company. If you made a deposit with an interest rate of 1.5% daily profit, but the next day capitalization level increases, then the interest rate of your deposit will also grow correspondingly, regardless of the previous conditions. For example: You invested 1000 USD and got 1000 RBD with a daily interest rate of 1.5%. Then every day you will get 15 RBD.

How many accounts can I create?

The number of accounts you can sign up from the same IP-address is limited to two. If you break this rule and create multiple accounts, the whole chain of users will be blocked.

What is RichShare?

RichShare is a unique system of clients’ investments cooperation that was designed by our company for work at a real estate auction market in order to multiply those investments.

How often can I send the "red mail"?

You can send gifts to no more than 1 time in 7 days. But the frequency of sending "red mail" can be changed up or down at the discretion of Richmond Berks company.

How do I know that the "red mail" is available again?

Check whether the sending of another "red mail" is available, you can in the "Affiliate Program". There you will see a link is active or not.


In order to give access to Push-notifications in the browser "Firefox" you only need while on our website click on the icon "i" in the browser address bar, and in the drop down box in the "Permissions" switch point "Receive Notifications" from "Block" to "Allow". All is ready! Now you will receive notifications

Google Chrome

If you have a browser "Google Chrome", then all you need to do to obtain the Push-notifications - is click on the icon green lock in the address bar when you are on our website, go to the tab "Permissions" and permit a notification in the appropriate column.