What is the Richmond Berks store, and how to use it

14.03.2017 17:28


Richmond Berks offers its clients various ways to increase their income. And here you can learn about how to use the RBB system. Also, you will learn about what are "RBB Store", "Achievements" and how they work.

So, let's begin!

RBB Store

RBB Store - This is the section of the company's website where you can use RBB to purchase products that will increase your income. Among the products you can find:

“10% Promo code” - You can buy this product for 100 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of the following investments by 10%. You can use this promo code only once.

“Profit booster +0,1%” - You can buy this product for 1000 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of daily income by 0,1%. The more times you purchase this product, the higher your profit will be.

“15% Promo code” - You can buy this product for 200 RBB. With it, you can increase the amount of the following investments by 15%. You can use this promo code only once.

“3-rd level of partner system” - You can buy this product for 1000 RBB. It will allow you to receive partner interest not only from partners of the 1st and 2nd level, but also the 3rd. Once bought this product, you will be receiving profit from partners of the 3-rd level for lifetime.

Each of the presented products in one way or another increases the profit.

How to buy

Buying products is very easy. Click the "Buy" button you are interested in.

Then, confirm your purchase

And now the product is already on your account!

Well, what is RBB and how to get it? Let's figure it out.

What is RBB

RBB - is a special bonus currency, which acts not only as a means of internal circulation for buying products in the RBB store, but also as a source of profit, which comes to your account at a rate of 0.05% daily. More information about this currency you can find in the section devoted to Richmond Berks Bonus.

How to receive RBB

Receiving RBB can be carried out in a variety of ways.

1. Complete tasks

After the registration on the website, in your personal account, you are invited to perform a few simple tasks, as a reward for which you will receive 120 RBB.

2. Use the mobile app

Download the Richmond Berks mobile application and get RBB just by inviting friends. For each guest through the mobile friend's application you will receive 1 RBB on the account.

3. Get "Achievements"

Receive rewards for fulfilling the conditions of "Achievements" in the form of RBB. This is the most profitable way to receive RBB.

More about each of the achievements you can read by clicking on the information icon that is on the card. By accomplishing achievements, you receive a reward, the size of which depends on the level of achievement.

It's simple!

Step 1: Receive RBB

Step 2 : Buy products

Step 3: Earn

Richmond Berks – Your personal way to the success!

- Make a safe investment!

- Earn with real estate auctions!

- Get 1.5% profit daily!

- Provide yourself with a life-time passive income!

Start gaining money!

7 days till the end of the competition. Be in time to participate!

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